Our Crematory

Our Crematory

Our customers have the comfort of knowing their loved one is in the compassionate, capable hands of our trusted affiliate’s staff at Jennings-Calvey Funeral and Cremation Services, Inc.

The cremation facilities have strict procedures and ethics that are adhered to and we escort your loved one from the moment they are picked up, to the moment they are returned to you. Each member of the staff commits to the Cremation Code of Ethics, a pledge of honesty and dignity. They each sign an oath that attests to their commitment. All of our staff is trained by the National Funeral Directors Association and has obtained their Certified Crematory License.

We belong to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), and pledge to strict standards for providing dignity and respect in the care of the deceased, compassion for the living who survive them, and in the memorialization of life. We desire to create and maintain an atmosphere of respect at all times and take the greatest care in the hiring crematory staff operators. The experienced cremation staff follow a rigid pre-cremation checklist, including eight designated identification checkpoints:

  1. Placement of Barcoded Identification Bracelet on Deceased
  2. Removal of deceased from place of death
  3. Transport to crematory
  4. Placement in storage
  5. Placement in cremator
  6. Removal from cremator
  7. Processing at pulverizer
  8. Placement in urn
  9. Return to authorized agent.

Two staff members participate in the cremation to assure that your loved one is cared for at the highest standard. With absolute assurances, we cremate one individual at a time and diligently remove and track all cremated remains. We offer viewing of the cremation process, as an add-on service, for those who wish to be present for the start of the cremation process.