About Us

Scranton Area Cremation Care is a branch location of Jennings-Calvey Funeral and Cremation Services, Inc. Since our founding, the guiding principle of Jennings-Calvey Funeral and Cremation Services, Inc. has been the commitment to treating each family who comes to us as our own. With sincerity, pride, and dedication, we are committed to this time-honored tradition.

Our family opened the doors of the funeral home over 120 years ago. Our reputation for providing the highest quality of service has been with us since day one and our family continues that tradition as a hallmark of our business practices.

We created Scranton Area Cremation Care for you. We heard the call, and we answered. The desire to complete arrangements on your own, at your pace, and in the comfort of your own home in the easiest way possible was desired and we are here to accommodate. While this process is simpler than a normal set of funeral arrangements, your loved one is assured to receive the same care he or she would if you chose to work with our main location, Jennings-Calvey. Our staff is trained and accredited by the National Funeral Directors Association to perform cremations with the highest skill level, dignity, and respect as if they were a member of their own family. Each member is a Certified Cremation Services Provider and a Certified Crematory Operator.

Each cremation that we perform is 100% private. Under no circumstances will your loved one be cremated with another individual. From the point they are brought back into our care, an identification bracelet will be affixed to their wrist with a unique barcode that will be scanned throughout each step of the process. Your loved one will also be fingerprinted and those will be shared with you by means of a unique pin number. Furthermore a metal identifying tag will accompany your loved one and will remain with them and their cremated remains when they are returned to you. We GUARANTEE that the cremated remains you receive back are indeed your loved one because they do NOT leave our custody from the place of death until they are returned to you in the receptacle you select.

Our facility is state of the art with a brand new 2020 Matthews Cremator that performs at the lowest level of emissions with the highest efficiency. Our climate cooled facility will house your loved one when they are brought into our care to ensure their preservation until the cremation takes place. Should you wish, you are able to initiate the cremation process and watch our cremation services professionals transfer your loved one into the cremator (from a side profile) from the comfort of our viewing area.

Whether you have an immediate need for our services or you wish to begin pre-planning a funeral arrangement for you or someone you love, follow our process and call us with any questions. We will be proud to serve you if we have not had the honor already.